Government Enterprise Architecture: Beyond Business as Usual for Better Outcomes

By The Open Group

Effectuating public service innovation for better citizen outcomes is a culmination of clear vision, enabling policies, efficient modern operations, smarter technology, and measurable goals amalgamated into a holistic construct.  Government Enterprise Architecture is defined as: a whole of government approach to support government ecosystems by transcending boundaries for delivering services in a coordinated, efficient, and equitable manner.

Many governments are revitalizing public administration, overhauling public management, fostering inclusive leadership, and moving their public services to become more efficient, transparent, and accountable. This creates the need to change the way in which:

  • Services are delivered and consumed
  • Internal back office operations are executed
  • Resources and processes are sourced and combined

In this context, governments are turning to Government Enterprise Architecture to bridge policies and outcomes for better services.

Making Standards Work®

Standards are key enablers for the creation of future governments. Throughout the globe, many countries have expended significant effort mandating and developing their own Reference Architectures to inculcate a standards-based approach to service delivery.

The need is to develop open standards, guidelines, and best practices that are internationally acceptable and enable the adoption of architecture-driven approaches.

The Open Group Government Enterprise Architecture Work Group

The Open Group Government EA Work Group has been established to help government organizations through the development and sharing of best practices.  This Work Group will be focused on developing standards and best practices relating to the world-wide use of Enterprise Architecture (EA) in government organizations. Indicative work areas are:

  • The value of EA to enable digital transformation for e-Government
  • Shared approaches for marketing EA in government
  • Overview of what an architecture practice consists of and ways to build EA capability
  • Federated approaches to EA in government and Reference Architectures
  • Managing stakeholders in complex government environments
  • From linear production to systems thinking approaches
  • Rebooting public service planning, design and delivery
  • Architecture in public procurement, budgeting, and public expenditures
  • Establishing and sustaining user-side architecture practice;
  • Measuring and demonstrating success
  • Synergizing architecture and public sector governance
  • Embracing whole-of-government paradigms

For more information on Membership and how to get involved, please email Jim Hietala (VP, Business Development & Security, The Open Group) and Dr. Pallab Saha (Chief Architect, The Open Group India).

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