Power Hour: Looking Back at the Women Reinventing Energy London Event, April 2023: Part 1

By Ash Patel, Marketing Specialist, The Open Group

A few months ago, the Women Re:Inventing Energy event was held in London, with a mission to empower women and their executive allies in the energy sector, showcasing success stories, and discussing challenges. The event also featured inspiring DEI speakers from Amazon and executive trailblazers from Accenture and Thoughtworks.

The Open Group OSDU™ Mercury Launch Event: A Key Milestone for the Energy Industry

This week, The Open Group OSDU™ Forum celebrated a milestone for the energy industry: the launch of the OSDU™ Data Platform Mercury Release. The new Open Source, standards-based data platform represents a key achievement of the OSDU Forum in a very short space of time – illustrating the importance of cross-industry collaboration for supporting the world’s changing energy needs.