Introducing our new book: Cloud Computing For Business

The Open Group’s new book, “Cloud Computing for Business: An Open Group Guide” isn’t concerned with defining what is and isn’t a Cloud service. What it *is* concerned with: Helping you understand what you might be able to get out of a Cloud service, and how to ensure that it really delivers what you expect. In short: It’s concerned with value.

Monet revisited (or: non-traditional approaches to developing TOGAF® Next)

Enterprises are changing and we need to understand them in non-traditional ways. A lot of the best ideas come from unexpected directions, and in the next iteration of TOGAF®, doesn’t it make sense to incorporate them to make EA more adaptable and less exposed to change?

The future – ecosystems and standards

The barriers and accelerators to individual markets and new markets are evolving and in constant dynamic change. Standards and interoperability are at the center of these issues and affect the very levers of change in markets. Cloud Computing is one such phenomenon rewriting the rules on information exchange and business models for provisioning and delivery of products and services.

PODCAST: How the role of certification impacts professionalization of IT and skills management

Listen to our recorded podcast on certification and its impact on the professionalization of IT and skills management, or read the transcript. This podcast was recorded by Dana Gardner of Interarbor Solutions in conjunction with The Open Group Conference, Austin 2011.

Innovation in the Cloud needs open standards

Innovation can make huge leaps in societal quality of life and benefit for all; but with every advance there can be counterproductive and emergent issues that result which may be detrimental to markets. Without standards in areas that enable trade exchange, markets would be fragmented, limiting potential growth and evolution of new opportunities.

Twtpoll results from The Open Group Conference, Austin

The Open Group set up two informal Twitter polls this week during The Open Group Conference, Austin. If you wondered about the results, or just want to see what our Twitter followers think about some topline issues in the industry in very simple terms, see our results.

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