The Open Group Virtual Event Highlights – EA for Sustainability – July 25 – 27, 2023

By Ash Patel, Marketing Specialist, The Open Group.

The Open Group hosted a virtual event on Enterprise Architecture (EA) for Sustainability July 25 – 27, 2023, assembling leading industry and global subject matter experts. The event looked at Enterprise Architecture (EA) helping organizations identify sustainability goals, along with focusing on the TOGAF® User Group, and The Open Group India Awards for Innovation and Excellence. Here are our key highlights and takeaways from across the three days.

Sitting Down with Michael Cleminson- OMC Vendor Representative for The Open Group OSDU™ Forum

Written by Ash Patel, Marketing Specialist, The Open Group

Recently we reached out to Michael Cleminson, SLB, to discuss his role as an Elected Member of The Open Group OSDU™ Forum, as OMC Vendor Representative. Upon talking to Michael, we discussed his role, career journey, and much more.

The Open Group Launches Learning Paths for IT4IT™, Open FAIR™, and TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Leader Certification

By Ash Patel, Marketing Specialist, The Open Group

We briefly met up with Andrew Josey, Fellow and VP of Standards & Certification at The Open Group Summit in London to discuss the latest learning paths aimed at IT practitioners and Enterprise Architects. Thank you to Andrew for his time. Please see the full interview below

Congratulations to the Award Winners for The Open Group President’s Awards, 2023

Written by Ash Patel, Marketing Specialist, The Open Group.

During The Open Group London Summit, Steve Nunn, President and CEO, The Open Group, proudly announced the winners of the President’s Awards. This included Paul Homan for the ‘Most Valuable Contributor Award for an Individual’ and also Shell (accepted by Ian Betts) for the ‘Most Valuable Contribution as an Organization’ Award.

The Business Case for Federated Data Governance and Access Control

By Myles Suer, Strategic Marketing Director at Privacera

Around 2011, I was working as a product manager to work with HP’s enterprise architecture team. Soon after, I noticed these folks were wired just like me—they were systems thinkers. About this time my new friend, Don Brancato, encouraged me to get a copy of Enterprise Architecture as Strategy by Jeanne Ross, Peter Weill, and David Robertson. As I read the book from cover to cover, I remember  thinking, “now everything that is going on in IT makes sense.” It was only later that I actually got to be trained in TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework).

The Open Group Event Highlights – The Open Group Summit, London – April 17-20, 2023

By Loren K. Baynes, Director, Global Marketing Communications, The Open Group

The Open Group hosted its summit in London, April 17 – 20, 2023, bringing together experts and practitioners from many Forums, Work Groups, and Consortia to discuss, debate, and present new ideas over the course of four days.

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