The Open Group Launches Learning Paths for IT4IT™, Open FAIR™, and TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Leader Certification

By Ash Patel, Marketing Specialist, The Open Group

We briefly met up with Andrew Josey, Fellow and VP of Standards & Certification at The Open Group Summit in London to discuss the latest learning paths aimed at IT practitioners and Enterprise Architects. Thank you to Andrew for his time. Please see the full interview below:

What can you tell us about these new learning paths from The Open Group?

  • These are three learning paths we have been developing over the past period. Two of them, the IT4IT 3 Foundation and Open FAIR 2 Foundation are for the latest editions of the applicable bodies of knowledge. The third is the latest element in the rollout of the TOGAF Certification Portfolio for the TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition.

What is the IT4IT™ 3 Foundation Learning Path, and who should consider taking it?

  • The IT4IT™ 3 Foundation learning path will help professionals gain competencies in managing the business of Information Technology (IT) and the end-to-end lifecycle management of Digital Products. It will enable them to provide guidance for the transformation of technology management practices and a practical approach to improve operational control and measure value. The target audience includes IT practitioners and professionals, Enterprise Architects, IT strategy and financial management practitioners, and IT governance and audit practitioners interested in a prescriptive model that addresses the management of the digital factory.

What is the Open FAIR™ 2 Foundation Learning Path, and who should consider taking it?

  • The Open Group Open FAIR™ 2 Foundation Learning Path is designed to help professionals gain competencies in a scientific approach for estimating and analyzing risk, including a standard taxonomy aligned to business needs to effectively communicate with other Open FAIR risk analysts. The learning path aims to improve the quality of risk analysis in the information security profession and bridge the gap between technical experts and management, facilitating decision-making. The target audience includes individuals who need a basic understanding of the Open FAIR Body of Knowledge, professionals working on risk analysis projects, and risk analysts seeking advanced skills in risk analysis.

What is the TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Leader Learning Path, and who should consider taking it?

  • The Open Group TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Leader Learning Path is aimed at leaders who have the challenge of establishing or optimizing their Enterprise Architecture capability and developing their practitioners. It includes key concepts for an Enterprise Architecture Leader, techniques for standing-up and enhancing an Enterprise Architecture Capability following a path through the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM), the process of governance, roles, and responsibilities, and integrating a process model for Enterprise Architecture within an enterprise.

Where can we find out more information on these new learning paths?

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