Open FAIR™ Reaches 1000 Certifications!

John Linford, Security & OTTF Forum Director

The Open Group Security Forum is thrilled to announce that the Open FAIR™ Certification Program has officially reached more than 1000 Certified People! This milestone represents tremendous growth around Open FAIR and indicates widespread acceptance of the standard and approach of Open FAIR. This milestone is particularly impressive because roughly 18 months ago, the Open FAIR Certification Program had 600 Certified People.

The first Open FAIR document (The Open Group Standard for Risk Taxonomy (O-RT)) was published in January 2009. The document acted as a starting point for the Open FAIR Body of Knowledge and provided a standard definition and taxonomy for information security risk, as well as information regarding how to use the taxonomy.

Following the first version of O-RT, The Open Group Standard for Risk Analysis (O-RA) was published in October 2013. This document expanded on O-RT to enable risk analysts to perform effective information security risk analysis using the Open FAIR Framework. When coupled with O-RT, it provided risk analysts with the specific processes necessary to perform effective FAIR-based risk analysis. During the process of creating O-RA, O-RT was updated to version 2.0, with this version also being published in October 2013.

O-RA V1.0 and O-RT V2.0 then spent the next 7 years percolating in industry, allowing for supplementary publications to be developed, such as the Open Fair™ Risk Analysis Process Guide and the Open FAIR™ Risk Analysis Tool (Beta). During this time, Open FAIR gained much more widespread acceptance and many, many more advocates.

In November 2020, O-RA V2.0 and O-RT V3.0 were published. These documents do not substantially change the concepts or ideas of Open FAIR. Rather, they better explain the concepts of Open FAIR and provide additional details based on industry experience and use.

Read more about the updates to the Open FAIR standards here:

The Open FAIR™ Certification Program is now in the process of being updated to align with the updated Open FAIR standards.

The Open Group Security Forum thanks all those individuals and organizations who have supported, evangelized, and advocated for Open FAIR and helped us reach the milestone of 1000 Certified Open FAIR practitioners.

John Linford
John Linford

 John Linford is Forum Director of The Open Group Security Forum, known for the Open FAIR™ Risk Analysis Standard and work around Security and Zero Trust Architecture. He is also The Open Group Open Trusted Technology Forum (OTTF), known for the Open Trusted Technology Provider™ Standard (O-TTPS) and the Open Certified Trusted Technology Practitioner Profession (Open CTTP). John holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from San Jose State University, and is based in the US.