The Open Group at “Experience IT NM”

By The Open Group

On November 4 and 5, 2020, the New Mexico Technology Council is hosting its virtual event entitled Experience IT NM. The New Mexico Technology Council a member-driven association of businesses, organizations, and tech professionals working together to promote the growth and success of New Mexico’s technology business sectors. Its members include a diverse mix of New Mexico companies, cities, and universities and colleges.

Each year, the New Mexico Technology Council hosts the Experience IT NM Conference, which they describe as being “New Mexico’s premier tech and innovation showcase.” This conference features sessions around Digital Transformation, AI & machine learning, smart communities, and more.

This year, the conference will feature two presentations from Members of The Open Group Security Forum!

  • Tony Carrato (The Open Group Invited Expert and Member of the New Mexico Technology Council) and Nikhil Kumar (The Open Group Zero Trust Authority (ZTA) Working Group Co-leader and President & Founder of Applied Technology Solutions, Inc) will be presenting on “Zero Trust: Introduction, Architecture, & Implementation.”
  • Mike Jerbic (The Open Group Security Forum Chair and Managing Director of Trusted Systems Consulting Group) and John Linford (The Open Group Security Forum Director) will be presenting on “An Introduction to Open FAIR.”

Zero Trust: Introduction, Architecture, & Implementation

Currently one of the hottest topics in cybersecurity and security architecture, Zero Trust enables organizations to secure data, applications, APIs, and any data integrations, on any network, including the cloud, internal networks, and public or untrusted (zero trust) networks. However, the fundamental concepts of Zero Trust of de-perimeterization and data-centricity originate in many ways from the work of The Open Group Jericho Forum.

Crucially, Zero Trust brings security to the users, data, information, applications, devices, networks, cloud, APIs, etc. wherever they are– instead of forcing them onto a “secure” network. In other words, Zero Trust shifts the role of security from acting as a gatekeeper to enabling the business. This makes it particularly valuable for companies undergoing Digital Transformation.

“Digital Transformation has slowly been picking up speed over the last decade. COVID, cloud and API adoption, the rapid adoption of AI and IOT, geo-political change, and the shift to new business models and fluid relationships have accelerated this by an order of magnitude, leading to the need for a flexible, agile, and manageable cybersecurity paradigm that is decoupled from legacy perimeter-based models. Zero Trust, which is focused on data and asset centricity and asset level access controls as well as allows organizations to grow into new business areas and run the business, is that paradigm.” – Nikhil Kumar

Tony and Nikhil’s presentation will introduce the audience to Zero Trust, for those unfamiliar with it, before walking them through a basic reference model and offering guidance on implementation a Zero Trust Architecture.

Tony and Nikhil present at 11:15AM MST (1:15PM EST) on Wednesday, November 4, 2020.

An Introduction to Open FAIR™

The Open FAIR™ (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) Body of Knowledge provides a Framework and taxonomy for understanding, analyzing, and measuring information risk. It is comprised of The Open Group Risk Taxonomy (O-RT) Standard and The Open Group Risk Analysis (O-RA) Standard, both of which have been updated recently and are in the final stages of being published as O-RT, Version 2.0 and O-RA, Version 3.0.

Open FAIR defines risk as being the probable frequency and probable magnitude of future loss. This means that quantitative risk analysts can estimate the probable frequency of losses (how often bad things happen) and their probable magnitude (just how bad those things are) in order to provide decision-makers with valuable, consistent, and objective information in business terms that enables them to make well-informed decisions and effectively manage risk.

“Open FAIR provides a common language for risk analysts, governing boards, and organizations to communicate their risk and then model the impact of acting. Through the Open FAIR Certification for People program, risk analysts can demonstrate their knowledge the Open FAIR taxonomy and framework.” – Mike Jerbic

Mike and John’s presentation will introduce the audience to the Open FAIR Body of Knowledge. They will explain the value proposition of Open FAIR and highlight key terms and concepts in the standards documents. They will also walk through a brief, simple example Open FAIR risk analysis to demonstrate its value.

Mike and John present at 12:15PM MST (2:15PM EST) on Wednesday, November 4, 2020.

For more information on Experience IT NM, including registration and the event agenda, visit: @theopengroup