The Open Group was pleased to host the first Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE)  and Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA)  Virtual Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM), on September 21, 2020.  We were pleased to have AdaCore as the Sponsor of the event.  A total of 457 people registered for this event.

TIMs allow DoD, Industry, and Academia to collaborate on research and engineering technology challenges and this event featured expert presentations by a cross-section of the defense community, industry, and academia. Attendees heard presentations from industry and government, detailing implementation examples and the positive impact of FACE™ and SOSA™ adoption for customers, suppliers, integrators, and business representatives, including both Business and Technical lessons learned.

Mr. Franco Gasperoni, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of AdaCore welcomed all of the attendees, and Captain Margaret Wilson, Program Manager, Air Combat Electronics, NAVAIR PMA-209 gave the Opening Remarks.  At the end of the day’s presentations, Mr. Joe W. Carter , G-10, Tactical Branch Chief, PEO Aviation, U.S. Army, gave the closing remarks.

This online event ran throughout the day, with industry and government Members from both the FACE and SOSA Consortia presenting 15 different papers.  FACE and SOSA papers presented included:  Driving FACE and SOSA to the Edge; Multi-Supplier FACE TSS Interoperability; Zero Trust Security Approach for MOSA Systems; Transitioning to the SOSA/CMOSS Architecture. To review all of the FACE and SOSA papers from the 2020 Technical Interchange Meeting, please visit here: and

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