TOGAF® 9 Certification Passes 100,000 Milestone!

By The Open Group

The Open Group is very pleased to announce the number of individual certifications worldwide in the TOGAF® 9 certification program has passed the major milestone of 100,000.

TOGAF 9 certification is the trusted vendor-neutral and globally recognized certification for the TOGAF Standard, the open Enterprise Architecture standard used by the world’s leading organizations to improve their business efficiency.

“Reaching the 100,000 mark is a tremendous milestone for The Open Group TOGAF 9 Certification for People program. It is a testament to the value that our members, staff, trainers, consultants, certification customers, and others have delivered in creating, evolving, and promoting the TOGAF Standard over the past 25 years,” said Steve Nunn, President and CEO, The Open Group. The program has grown, and continues to grow, due to the increased demand for professional career advancement for practicing architects, and the demonstrable benefits to organizations from utilizing the standard. We congratulate each and every one of our TOGAF certified individuals on their achievement, as well as all those – too numerous to mention – who have helped make the TOGAF 9 Certification for People program what it is today.”

TOGAF Certification is widely referenced in recruitment, and regularly features in the top three certifications in the IT Skills & Certification Pay Index, from Foote Partners LLC. This annual survey shows that, when recruiting, companies are paying an 8-13% premium for TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architects compared to their non-certified counterparts. So, achieving TOGAF certification does literally provide a dividend to you career prospects and your salary.

The certification program is truly global, with individuals from 149 different countries included on the register.   While well-established in both the USA and Europe, the program has seen significant growth in Asia more recently, particularly in India. This is, in part, driven by the Government of India’s IndEA National Standard, which is underpinned by and uses the TOGAF Standard for its guiding principles and framework.

In recent years, to complement and expand TOGAF Certification, The Open Group has also introduced TOGAF certification credentials – smaller bites of learning focusing on specific topics that are pertinent to Enterprise Architecture including ‘TOGAF Business Architecture’,  ‘Integrating Risk and Security’, as well as TOGAF Essentials — a refresher credential for architects who completed their certification prior to the release of the TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2.

”We have seen a steady growth in both the number of certifications and the number of countries with certified individuals — seven years ago there were individuals from 62 countries, and today we have more than doubled that to 149 countries. I’m particularly excited to see the growth outside of North America, and Europe. Looking at the certifications over the last twelve months, India has been the #1 growth country followed by the UK, USA, and France. A strength of TOGAF training and certification is that it’s based on the TOGAF body of knowledge produced by The Open Group members, ensuring that the program is based on industry accepted best practice and expertise,” stated Andrew Josey, VP, Standards and Certification, The Open Group.

TOGAF Training is available worldwide with 69 accredited training courses delivered in more than 15 languages, and available as classroom, virtual classroom, e-learning and blended delivery, as well as self-study options.

Another benefit of certification is the option of membership within The AEA (Association of Enterprise Architects). This provides you with the opportunity to connect, both virtually and in person, with peers from your profession and exchange ideas, current thinking, and best practices.

“The world changes around us constantly, so keeping up with personal development and qualifications as Enterprise Architects is very important. Congratulations to The Open Group on this impressive milestone of certifying more than 100,000 EAs against the TOGAF Standard,”, said Chris Forde, CEO, Association of Enterprise Architects.

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