Integration of The Open Group Standards Portfolio

By The Open Group

The Open Group released two new bodies of work during The Open Group Denver event in July 2019. The first was a snapshot of what is intended to become The Open Agile Architecture Framework™ Standard (also known as the O-AAF Standard). The objective of this document is to cover both Digital Transformation and Agile Transformation of the enterprise, and is valid until January 15, 2020. The second new document was The Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge™ Standard (also known as the DPBoK Standard), which assists individuals and organizations who wish to create and manage product offerings with an increasing digital component, or lead their organization through Digital Transformation.

The O-AAF Snapshot and DPBoK Standard are both a direct result of industry collaboration between The Open Group and its diverse membership. Work Groups of The Open Group are vendor-neutral environments where Member organizations work to solve problems they encounter in real business scenarios, and share knowledge, viewpoints, and resources to develop open technology standards and certifications. Work Groups adopt a ‘diverge before you converge’ planning model, meaning every viewpoint shared during the process represents an idea for consideration. Those selected for the development of open standards and certifications will be the most applicable for practical use cases that span multiple industries.

It is important that our Members understand how these timely documents relate to existing standards of The Open Group, particularly those that focus on areas related to Enterprise Architecture, including the TOGAF® Standard, Version 9.2, the ArchiMate® Specification, and the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture, Version 2.1, among others. We have already seen those working on the development of the evolution of the TOGAF Standard derive considerable value from the findings of the O-AAF Snapshot and DPBoK Standard. The purposefully designed Agile process through which these documents were developed enables Member organizations to work collaboratively on their areas of specific interest, while interacting with other Forums and Work Groups for alignment and consistency purposes.    @theopengroup