TOGAF® 9 Certification Worldwide Growth Continues

Number of certifications passes 80,000 in 139 Countries

By Andrew Josey, VP, Standards and Certification, The Open Group

The number of individuals certified in the TOGAF 9 certification program as of July 2, 2018 has passed 80,000 with certified individuals from 139 countries. This represents over 10,000 new certifications in the past twelve-month period, and certifications in five additional countries.

For an interactive map showing detailed information on the number of certifications, see

The top five countries include UK, USA, India, Netherlands, and Australia.

Individuals Certified by Country – TOP 10 Countries – July 2, 2018

Rank # Individuals Country
1 11695 UK
2 11147 USA
3 8375 India
4 5730 Netherlands
5 4576 Australia
6 4315 France
7 3291 Canada
8 2323 South Africa
9 2308 China
10 2048 Germany

There are 72 accredited TOGAF training courses from 71 providers and 30 affiliates.  There are 9 TOGAF 9 certified tools.  More information on TOGAF 9 Certification, including the directory of Certified People and official accredited training course calendar, can be obtained from The Open Group website here.

Courses leading to the TOGAF Essentials 2018 credential are also now available from The Open Group TOGAF 9 accredited training course providers. Check the register here and look for the credential badge.

Andrew Josey is VP, Standards and Certification overseeing all certification and testing programs of The Open Group. He also manages the standards process for The Open Group.

Since joining the company in 1996, Andrew has been closely involved with the standards development, certification and testing activities of The Open Group. He has led many standards development projects including specification and certification development for the ArchiMate®, TOGAF®, POSIX® and UNIX® programs.

He is a member of the IEEE, USENIX, and the Association of Enterprise Architects (AEA).  He holds an MSc in Computer Science from University College London.