Check out The Open Group Open Platform 3.0™ Community of Interest on LinkedIn

The Open Group is a global consortium comprising more than 580 member organizations across multiple industries. For nearly thirty years, individuals within those organizations have come together through the Forums of The Open Group, working in friendly co-opetition to create open, vendor-neutral standards for Business, Information Technology, Security, Enterprise Architecture, and more. These, together with a range of helpful guides and white papers, can be found in The Open Group Library.

All types of people participate in the activities of The Open Group.  Naturally, we have a lot of technologists, integrators and consultants, but end customers, systems and solutions suppliers, tool vendors, and academics are also well-represented. There is no ‘typical’ member of The Open Group, but all of us share the same passions: to define global best practice and to achieve the ideal of Boundaryless Information Flow™.

The Open Platform 3.0 Forum is the part of The Open Group that is creating the open technology standards that will enable the free flow of information and support the technological development of Smart Cities. Our areas of interest include:

– Big Data
– Interoperability
– Cloud Computing
– The Internet of Things
– Artificial Intelligence
– Service Oriented Architecture
– Microservices Architecture.

We are particularly interested in the challenges, concerns, and consequences of adopting these technologies.

This Community of Interest on LinkedIn gives us a place where we can share ideas and opinions, post articles that we have written, and share articles that we have seen, which relate to our topics of interest. While we will not be developing standards within the LinkedIn group, the ideas that we discuss can and will inform the work of the Open Platform 3.0 Forum.

If you would like some help to prepare or post your article, please contact the Director of the Open Platform 3.0 Forum, Michelle Supper.

You do not need to be a member of the Open Platform 3.0 Forum to participate in the LinkedIn community.  Please join in the conversation and help us to build a smarter future!