An Update on ArchiMate® 2 Certification

By Andrew Josey, The Open Group

In this blog we provide latest news on the status of the ArchiMate® Certification for People program. Recent changes to the program include the availability of the ArchiMate 2 Examination through Prometric test centers and also the addition of the ArchiMate 2 Foundation qualification.

Program Vision

The vision for the ArchiMate 2 Certification Program is to define and promote a market-driven education and certification program to support the ArchiMate modeling language standard. The program is supported by an Accredited ArchiMate Training program, in which there are currently 10 accredited courses. There are self-study materials available.

Certification Levels

There are two levels defined for ArchiMate 2 People Certification:

  • Level 1: ArchiMate 2 Foundation
  • Level 2: ArchiMate 2 Certified

The difference between the two certification levels is that for ArchiMate 2 Certified there are further requirements in addition to passing the ArchiMate 2 Examination as shown in the figure below.

What are the study paths to become certified?

ArchiMate 2

The path to certification depends on the Level. For Level 2, ArchiMate Certified: you achieve certification only after satisfactorily completing an Accredited ArchiMate Training Course, including completion of practical exercises, together with an examination. For Level 1 you may choose to self study or attend a training course. For Level 1 the requirement is only to pass the ArchiMate 2 examination.

How can I find out about the syllabus and examinations?

To obtain a high level view, read the datasheets that describe certification that are available from the ArchiMate Certification website. For detail on what is expected from candidates, see the Conformance Requirements document. The Conformance Requirements apply to both Level 1 and Level 2.

The ArchiMate 2 examination comprises 40 questions in simple multiple choice format. A Practice examination is included as part of an Accredited ArchiMate Training course and also in the ArchiMate 2 Foundation Study Guide.

For Level 2, a set of Practical exercises are included as part of the training course and these must be successfully completed. They are assessed by the trainer as part of an accredited training course.

More Information and Resources

More information on the program is available at the ArchiMate 2 Certification site at

Details of the ArchiMate 2 Examination are available at:

The calendar of Accredited ArchiMate 2 Training courses is available at:

The ArchiMate 2 Foundation Self Study Pack is available for purchase and immediate download at

ArchiMate is a registered trademark of The Open Group.

Andrew Josey is Director of Standards within The Open Group. He is currently managing the standards process for The Open Group, and has recently led the standards development projects for TOGAF 9.1, ArchiMate 2.0, IEEE Std 1003.1-2008 (POSIX), and the core specifications of the Single UNIX Specification, Version 4. Previously, he has led the development and operation of many of The Open Group certification development projects, including industry-wide certification programs for the UNIX system, the Linux Standard Base, TOGAF, and IEEE POSIX. He is a member of the IEEE, USENIX, UKUUG, and the Association of Enterprise Architects.


  1. hi – Is Open Group going to post some sample questions on the Archimate exam similar to the TOGAF certification?

  2. Hi, I am quite keen to do the Archimate Level 2 cerfication without having to go and sit in a classroom for two days. I have the self study material for Level 1. I am hoping that Open group should be releasing something for Level 2 as well without having to give up work for two day training and incurring costs implicit and explicit on this.


    1. @Venkat, yes we are also working on a separate Level 2 examination to allow both levels to be taken at Prometric. This is in the early stages of development.

  3. Hi Andrew,
    Any indication of the timeline for Archimate Level 2 examination.
    Also I am not sure if Archimate certification confirms to the principle of Fairness.
    TOGAF certification policy which says “Fairness: Certification is achieved only by passing an examination that is the same as that taken by any other Candidate. Candidates may choose whatever training or self-study they believe matches their needs in preparation for certification.”.
    The Archimate certification policy of Fairness says “Fairness: Certification is achieved only by passing an examination that is equivalent to that taken by any other Candidate.” Not sure if this is correct.
    I guess the above fairness clause should be amended as
    “Fairness: Certification is achieved only for candidates attending a training program that is available only through an accredited trainer and passing an examination” or something like that.
    Just as an update I had completed Archimate Foundation examination and will be keen to sit at the earliest when an open exam is available for everyone.

    1. Hi Venkat,
      The fairness is in that certification at each level is fair. So if you go for Level 1 you take the same exam as any other candidate. And the requirements for Level 2 are the same for each candidate.

      At the moment the only path to Level 2 is passing a set of practical exercises in addition to the exam, with the practical exercises only being available on an accredited course.

      Once we roll out the Level 2 exam to replace the exercises then that will be the new path for Level 2.

      The exam is in development and I hope to be available in 4q2013.

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