What is Business Technology Management and how does it relate to Enterprise Architecture?

Business Technology Management (BTM) is not a methodology but I would say a concept, or eventually the aggregation of several guidelines and techniques. It is also described as a management science which aims to unify business and technology business strategies with the aim of extracting the full potential value of business technology solutions. In a nutshell, it allows you to unify business and technology decision making. Sound familiar?

Does IT mean Information Technology? Or is it Just a Department?

If we can understand IT (where appropriate) as part of the business of the enterprise, then we are automatically addressing alignment and are neither elevating IT architecture to the ultimate goal of EA nor treating it as a marginally relevant utility. It could be that in the process we discover areas where our methods need to be fleshed out – or simply to incorporate/interoperate with other existing methods for those areas.

Today’s projects, tomorrow’s bigger picture: an examination of Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise Transformation is a long, slow, steady process. In some cases the projects we are working on may not seem to be very transformative but taken together with other projects, over a period of time, a transformation, for better or worse, will have taken place. The great thing about the term “Enterprise Transformation” is that it makes us consider today’s project in the context of that bigger picture.