New Cloud Computing book from The Open Group helps organizations develop the case for key Cloud operating metrics and ROI

By Mark Skilton, Capgemini

Cloud Computing is more than just a utility cost reduction exercise of your IT storage and computing assets through subscribing or purchasing to an on-demand, pay-as-you-go model. Cloud Computing is evolving into an ecosystem of services from storage, computing and network infrastructure to impacting the integration and application software to transform the business processes and market service models. The many public discussions on search engines, edge networks and the myriad of mobile and tablet device technologies and operating systems are some of the many visible indicators of the high profile Cloud Computing has achieved today.

From an international perspective, The Open Group is well placed to see these large-scale effects on architecture in IT sourcing and delivery of on-demand, “always on” services. Major public Clouds provide significant social networking, computing and productivity services reaching across all industries.

A key challenge for companies is to understand key business and IT metrics that Cloud Computing can help achieve in operating cost efficiency savings, and how it can drive revenue and growth potential. This applies across the industry from private to public federal sectors.

Key challenges include:

  • How to identify the key model definitions for Cloud Computing?
  • Why is Cloud creating new business opportunities for large and small companies?
  • How to define key metrics for both the risk and value of Cloud Computing?
  • What are the successful case studies for a strong and sustainable business case for Cloud Computing?

The Open Group recently published a new book, Cloud Computing for Business: The Open Group Guide  to address these issues through specific guidance on business drivers for Cloud; defining the Cloud vision and buying requirements criteria; assessing  risk; and building the return on investment metrics and case for Cloud Computing. The book gives managers reliable and independent guidance that will help to support decisions and actions in this key operational area.

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Mark Skilton, Director, Capgemini, is the Co-Chair of The Open Group Cloud Computing Work Group. He has been involved in advising clients and developing of strategic portfolio services in Cloud Computing and business transformation. His recent contributions include the publication of Return on Investment models on Cloud Computing widely syndicated that achieved 50,000 hits on and in the British Computer Society 2010 Annual Review. His current activities include development of a new Cloud Computing Model standards and best practices on the subject of Cloud Computing impact on Outsourcing and Off-shoring models and contributed to the second edition of the Handbook of Global Outsourcing and Off-shoring published through his involvement with Warwick Business School UK Specialist Masters Degree Program in Information Systems Management.