Twtpoll results from The Open Group Conference, Austin

The Open Group set up two informal Twitter polls this week during The Open Group Conference, Austin. If you wondered about the results, or just want to see what our Twitter followers think about some topline issues in the industry in very simple terms, see our results below.

On Day One of the Conference, when the focus of the discussions was on Enterprise Architecture, we polled our Twitter followers about the profession of EA: Do you think we will see a shortage of enterprise architects within the next decade? Why or why not?

The results were split right down the middle.  A sampling of responses:

  • “Yes, if you mean good enterprise architects. No, if you are just referring to those who take the training but have no clue.”
  • “Yes, retirement of Boomers; not enough professionalization.”
  • “Yes, we probably will. EA is becoming more and more important because of fast-changing economies which request fast company change.”
  • “No: budgets, not a priority.”
  • “No. Over just one year, I can see the significant increase of the number of people who are talking EA and realizing the benefits of EA practices.”
  • “No, a majority of companies will still be focusing on short-term improvement because of ongoing current economic status, etc. EA is not a priority.”

On Day Two, while we focused on security, we queried our Twitter followers about data security protection: What type of data security do you think provides the most comprehensive protection of PII? Again, the results were split evenly into thirds:

What do you think of our informal poll results? Do you agree? Disagree? And why?

And let us know if you have thoughts on this one: Do you think SOA is essential for Cloud implementation?

Want some survey results you can really sink your teeth into? View the results of The Open Group’s State of the Industry Cloud Survey. Download the slide deck from The Open Group Bookstore, or read a previous blog post about it.

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