Twtpoll results from The Open Group Conference, London

The Open Group set up three informal Twitter polls this week during The Open Group Conference, London. If you wondered about the results, or just want to see what our Twitter followers think about some topline issues in the industry in very simple terms, see our graphs below.

On Day One of the Conference, when the focus of the discussions was on Enterprise Architecture, we polled our Twitter followers about the perceived value of certification. Your response was perhaps disappointing, but unsurprising:

On Day Two, while we focused on security during The Open Group Jericho Forum® Conference, we queried you about what you see as being the biggest organizational security threat. Out of four stated choices, and the opportunity to fill in your own answer, the answer was unanimous: two specific areas of security keep you up at night the most.

And finally, during Day Three’s emphasis on Cloud Computing, we asked our Twitter followers about the types of Cloud they’re using or are likely to use.

What do you think of our informal poll results? Do you agree? Disagree? And why?

Want some survey results you can really sink your teeth into? View the results of The Open Group’s State of the Industry Cloud Survey. Read our blog post about it, or download the slide deck from The Open Group bookstore.

The Open Group Conference, London is in member meetings for the rest of this week. Join us in Austin, July 18-22, for our next Conference! Join us for best practices and case studies on Enterprise Architecture, Cloud, Security and more, presented by preeminent thought leaders in the industry.