Looking back at Day Three in Pune: The Open Group India Conference

By Raghuraman Krishnamurthy, Cognizant Technology Solutions

The Open Group India Conference in Pune on 11 March, 2011 was very well attended. The delegates actively participated in the Conference, ensuring a very lively day. In the morning, Mick Adams and Chris Forde spoke about ‘Architecture Trends Globally’, where they made interesting suggestions for using EA to articulate benefits to customers, employees and shareholders. They also said that EA efforts ideally should find a mention in the enterprise’s annual report, and that can be regarded as the touchstone for EA gaining its due recognition.

In the afternoon presentation on ‘Private Sector Multinational Deployment of TOGAF®, Mick Adams engaged the delegates with discussions around the relevance of certification in India. Several interesting points were debated:

  • How to ensure the certification process has the flavor of both theory and practical application
  • How certification helps in screening

The overall opinion was towards certification as a distinguishing credential. In another interesting discussion about how India can contribute to The Open Group, some interesting points were made:

  • How working groups have unearthly conference hours in Asia, naturally curtailing participation from India
  • How India, by working with enterprises across the globe, can provide the vantage view point to The Open Group

During my presentation on ‘Reorienting EA’, the delegates enthusiastically shared their experience of the flat world trends and their challenges in EA work. The day concluded with a panel discussion (on the EA track) on ‘Architecture Value – What Does This Mean for the Indian Marketplace?’ Thanks a lot to Capgemini and The Open Group for bringing this conference to India. I am sure it benefited all those who participated.

Raghuraman Krishnamurthy works as a Principal Architect at Cognizant Technology Solutions and is based in India. He can be reached at Raghuraman.krishnamurthy2@cognizant.com.