Looking back at Day Two in Hyderabad: The Open Group India Conference

By Raghuraman Krishnamurthy, Cognizant Technology Solutions

The Open Group India Conference in Hyderabad featured several high brain-powered sessions. It was a pleasure to hear Dr. Pallabh Saha (National University of Singapore) talk about ‘EA as a platform for connected government’. Some very interesting observations were made: How EA efforts sometimes tend to be less business-oriented and get fixated with IT rationalization; the truth of connectedness in everything; the need for building synthesis ability and conscious attempts to see the not-so-easily-apparent connections. There was also a very interesting talk on ‘Internet of Things’ by Shalini Kapoor (IBM). She traced how the evolution is happening from a web of pages, to a web of people, to a web of things. During the lively presentation, Shalini touched on devices getting connected, and possibly a mobile device being the end point in this ‘web of connected things’. In short, in the very near feature, there may be no device in this universe which may exist on its own without exchanging information, I would surmise!

There were two tracks in the afternoon session, one each on EA and Cloud Computing. My presentation on ‘Reorienting EA’ brought out some interesting observations about how EA can never be static, and also my personal experiences on successful and not-so-successful EA engagements.

I share the sentiment made by other participants about how useful the conference has been in furthering our knowledge in various exciting fields in such a short time – a day, literally!

The Open Group India Conference is underway this week; it will next travel to Pune (March 11). Join us for best practices and case studies in the areas of Enterprise Architecture, Security, Cloud and Certification, presented by preeminent thought leaders in the industry.

Raghuraman Krishnamurthy works as a Principal Architect at Cognizant Technology Solutions and is based in India. He can be reached at Raghuraman.krishnamurthy2@cognizant.com.